Artwork by Peter Salai
Crimson Shadows - Kings Among Men - 2014 |  Power/Death Metal

Cover concept by Daeffy 
Accept - Metal Heart - 1985 | Heavy Metal

Artwork by Kris Verwimp
Absu - Tara - 2001 | Black/Thrash Metal

"I had already planned a trip to Ireland when I received a letter from Absu. Tara was one of the places I wanted to visit in Ireland, so when I read that Absu were doing a concept album about this place, I immediately got an idea. When I was on the Hills of Tara, I collected some soil from the place where the high kings were seated. I also collected soil from the place where the Stone Of Destiny stands and from other parts of the site. Later, when I got back home, I mixed the soil with water and acrylics in order to be able to paint with it. So using that mixture, I painted all the borders and artworks for the Tara CD. So there’s really a physical connection between the cover art and the actual Tara itself.” - Kris Verwimp

Artwork by Bo Orr
"The Body - Christs, Redeemers Tour poster 2014"