Artwork by Denis Forkas
Horseback - Half Blood (2012)
Drone/Doom Metal

"In my early sketches I focused on the subjects of murder (the arms and the dagger), rebirth (the bull’s volatile transformation) and, above all, corruption (the stream of blood coming through the serpent’s venomous teeth). The corruption was at the center of my composition, it hinted at the much sought-after religious revelation, which would only explain our spiritual imperfection, convey the ever-bitter taste of truth and verify humanity’s relation to Chaos. The pure stream of primal life (traditionally portrayed as ears of wheat) turned into a menacing hair-like substance of primal fear. The hope, distilled through generations of darkness, still promised salvation, but neither to us nor to our children. It would take us much wandering to win our attunement to the bull’s free spirit back; mankind’s Half Blood remained a forbidding threshold." - Denis Forkas / Impose Magazine

Artwork by Sean Wiskin
Rote Mare + Dire Fate - Split (2013)
Doom Metal

Artwork by Necrolord
Diabolique - The Black Flower (1999)
Gothic Rock/Metal

Throne “Tharsis Sleeps”. Directed by Nicos Livesey & Tom Bunker.

An epic animation made entirely with embroidery, following the band Throne as they travel to terraform Mars and save planet Earth!

"The original inspiration was metal band patches. I was making band patches on a sewing machine that could embroider with one needle. I remembered from when I was seven or eight years old, I’d seen an embroidery machine at a boat show and that always stuck in my mind. It mesmerised me and looked crazy, how it could embroider anything. When I was doing the band patches, I realised it was totally animate-able – I could embroider it frame by frame and it would look mental." - Nicos Livesey