by Arik Roper | blog

  • Band: Sleep
  • Album: Dopesmoker
  • Year: 2003
  • Genre: Stoner/Doom Metal
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How did you get involved in doing the cover for the Sleep re-issue of Dopesmoker?

Arik Roper: When the rights to the Tee Pee Records version of Dopesmoker from 2003 ran out this year, Southern Lord Records jumped at the opportunity to reissue it. Al Cisneros got in touch to ask for my help in making some new art for it. We went through some ideas but we basically decided on imagery that directly related to his vision of the album. He’s a very creative artist, and his vision for Dopesmoker is an amazing piece of sci-fi fantasy, so I took inspiration from the lyrics to depict this scene of the Weedians in their caravan crossing an alien desertscape. Al was very meticulous about what he wanted so we worked closely together on it. It was collaboration, really. I was so inspired by it that I’d like to illustrate an entire story based on his mythology of this world.” / HiLobrow